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We deliver a better ACA Marketplace experience for consumers, agents, and carriers through cutting edge technology built to maximize enrollment and drive carrier membership

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HealthSherpa Marketplace

Users who enroll on finish applications 3x faster than those using double redirect enrollment and carriers see 2.7x as many effectuated enrollments from HealthSherpa as from

HealthSherpa for Agents

45k unique agents and brokers use HealthSherpa for Agents to manage their books of business and write more than 3 million policies per year. From quoting to renewal, HealthSherpa for Agents offers free, robust tools to optimize agent performance and put your marketplace plans in front of a captive audience.

Carrier Solutions

HealthSherpa accounts for more than 95% of total EDE enrollments. Whether you’re looking for a SAAS-driven white label solution or want a full-suite of features to help you increase market share and realize up to $200M in additional revenue, our modular solutions will help you reach your peak.

First Step
Our on-exchange SAAS platfrm gives you access to EDE and a white label shopping site that includes a broker portal
Second Step
Builds on the first step and incorporates premium features like marketplace insights, marketing integration, single-sign-on, and data exchange
Reach your highest potential and realize revenue with features designed to help you maximize the lifetime value of every ACA enrollment

Broker Engagement

Leverage HealthSherpa Broker Engagement solutions to educate and incentivize Marketplace agents to write your plans. Boost your strategy with CMS compliant, tailored broker bonuses and broker education highlights that show off the health equity and service features that set you apart from the competition.